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For farmers by a farmer...


Murphy's Law Farm comics are written and designed by a farmer with help from a very good illustrator!  Murphy's Law Farm comics are not necessarily the ha-ha tear jerking, gut-busting comics that some strips strive for (although I do hope that occasionally they do bring smiles, chuckles and an occasional outloud laugh). Rather they are a humerous look at the way things sometimes go in a farming operation.


I would go on record saying, sometimes, for the most part, probably farmers will understand these comics, some farmers will probably relate a little more than they would like to...  But non-farmers...that is an entirely different group. Non-farmers may get some of them and some may just not make any sense at all...but again, for farmers by a farmer.

  If a comic does not make sense to you, try looking it up on the Comics page, I try and do a tad bit of explaining where the inspiration came from and hopefully put some sense into what does not make sense...
They are not all explained, if they are not, use your imagination and put yourself in Murphy's shoes! (or boots)


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