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Meet Murphy, family, friends and others!

Murphy from Murphy's Law Farm Murphy A fun loving, ever optomistic small farmer.  Ever optomistic, although very seldom does anything go right.  In fact if it can go wrong, it will go wrong!  Murphy absolutely loves farming, and it appears as though he is not really very good at it...but realistically he is very good at it, just...well Murphy's Law!
Murphy is in his upper 40's, married and has three children. 
Cheri - Murphy's Law Farm  Cheri
Murphy's Wife
Works off the farm, she helps on the farm when she can
(or when Murphy is in trouble...
so she has a full time farm job in addition to her full time off the farm job).
Cheri love's the outdoors! 
She is also very supportive of Murphy, and lovingly sarcastic.
  Oldest Child Jake In college
  Middle Child Harry In high school
  Youngest Child Trinity In grade school

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