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How can I get these comics in my local newspaper?   Simply contact us! 
As we develop our new E-Mail address please use:

Some comics seem hard on a particular area like banking, seed, fertilizer and chemical dealers - etc.  Is this true?   I will admit that some comics on the surface may seem tough to some, but when viewed along with the Motivational Moment, you will see that we never truly 'bash' anyone, simply offering another perspective.  We want everyone to have fun, sometimes the fun includes taking a hard and honest look. But with any situation when you factor logic into it, you have to look at both sides of the equation.
I was at a conference and saw some of the comics during a presentation but I do not see them on your website.   I have many friends who from time to time will request the usage of a particular comic for a specific presentation they are doing.  I have also put comics together based on a particular need for a group.  Most of these comics will end up on the site at some point.  Please keep checking back.  January 2021 is truly our launching pad goal for more online and in print comics!
How can I use your comics in my presentations?   Simply contact me via e-mail and we can discuss.  Please obey and follow all procedures surrounding copyright laws.  A simple copy/paste of a comic into a presentation is not appropriate.  Please obtain permission.  This is definitely one of the situations where asking permission is better than asking for forgiveness...



Thanks for waiting, Murphy

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