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Murphys Law Farm   Given an opportunity, farmers will talk to virtually anyone about farming...sometimes this leads to discussions where the other party truly has no knowledge or understanding of the subject matter.  This is a prime exaggerated example.  Imagine this poor young girl working at the customer service desk at a women's clothing center and a random farmer walks in and starts complaining about commodity prices!   Murphys Law Farm
Murphys Law Farm   Poor Murphy! No matter what he tries, the results are evidently the same.  I have definitely been in the situation where my cash flow was in the RED...
Discussing the situation early with my informal 'board of directors' helps.  My informal board consists of my banker, agronomist, seed dealer, fert/chem dealer and more.  After all, they in many ways are just as much my partner as I am theirs. If they focus on my long term success that in turn creates long term success for them!
  Murphys Law Farm
Murphy's Law Farm Comic Cel   Have you ever put off something you later regretted not doing immediately?  Recently on my farm I put up a hoop building.  It was up for about 6 months and I kept putting off getting insurance because I was afraid of the premium.  Finally I called and the agent came out took pictures and successfully added the building to my policy.  A few weeks later a storm came through and blew the building apart!  What if I had procrastinated another month...? 
Yes some things can safely be put off, but others need to be handled immediately.  Sometimes without clear thinking we do what does not need to be done and put off what needs to be done...
Think clearly and plan-for success! 
  Murphys Law Farm
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